• Stimulating Palestinian Exports to Sweden Stimulating Palestinian Exports to Sweden   Reaching out to new markets and investment opportunities on an international level has been one of PIBF’s main goals, where it is believed that
  • The Jerusalem Arbitration Center launched The Jerusalem Arbitration Center launched Improving the Palestinian business climate
  • Read more about the work of NIR Read more about the work of NIR Companies operating in complex environments require a rigorous understanding of the economic, political and conflict dynamics of which they become part.
  • Ongoing

Our mission: To enable private sector efforts towards sustainable economic growth in Palestine.

Our Business Network

Meet people and entities from around the world that support PIBF through platforms of purposeful interaction. Join them as they contribute to realizing PIBFs goals.

Program of Activities

PIBFs program of activities all revolve around the development of the Palestinian private sector and the enhancement of economic relations.

Palestinian Trade Facilitation Portal

The PTFP is operated by the Palestine Trade Center and gathers relevant information, data and resources for doing businesses from and with Palestine.


The Palestine International Business Forum is a Swedish private sector initativ bringing together Palestinian, Israeli and Swedish business efforts toward building sustainable economic development in Palestine.

Voices about PIBF

"I think that through the PIBF people do network and the voice of Palestinian businesses and their troubles and difficulties are being heard  "

Madees Khoury, Taybeh Brewing Company

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